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    ERAY GT1 2G / GSM Alarm System Features:
    -128 x 64 lattice LCD screen with clock display
    - Real-time, delay, 24 hours and bypass defense zones programming options
    - Support 6 phone numbers and 3 SMS numbers
    - 4 ways to remote control the alarm panel: Phone, SMS, Remote Control and IOS / Android APP
    -10-second automatic voice message recording, mini siren voice up to 110dB
    - One-key-control: Away Arm, Home Arm, Arm remotely or phone call
    - Built-in high-volume speaker and artificial intelligent digital voice announcer and artificial intelligent English message
    - Expand other various sensors, like remote controller, door contact, PIR detectors etc from our store


    Once you insert a SIM card into the system, it will automatically send SMS message and call you when triggered.
    You can also arm, disarm, remote controlled by call / SMS.
    If no one answers the call, the system automatically calls the next user number. The system will call each preset number 3 times in order.
    If you answer the call, you will hear the pre-recording voice. You can arm or disarm the system on your mobile phone.

    Alarm Notification from Smartphone Application"GTOne"

    When the sensor triggered by someone or something. The system will be alarming and send the message to your smartphone APP. Then you can find which defense zone sensor was triggered. It's very easy to operate the alarm system

    PIR Motion Detector

    Detects motion within 30 feet. The detector has a 'field of vision' of 100 degrees.
    Please keep away from the direct sunlight or wind since they may cause triggered wrongly.

ERAY GT1 Wireless 2G GSM Home Alarm System Burglar Secrutiy Alarms SMS Calling Alert with 1 Motion Detector 5 Door Sensors and 2 Remote Controls Batte

Find wireless home alarm systems that are easy to use will keep your family safe. Eray GT1 GSM Burglar Alarm System is simple to install and just as effective as traditional alarms.
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